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The vision of Oceans Ministries is making the Father’s love known to physical and spiritual orphans around the world. That is why the Board of Oceans has asked Mike and Dawn Verkaik to join us in this calling. The Father has uniquely gifted this couple to shine His Kingdom Heart both in Africa and the United States. Please join us in asking the Father to demonstrate His favor upon them as they take this step of faith. Below you will hear a little from Mike’s heart:

This is being written as Tim and I are returning from our fifth trip to Lesotho, Africa over the past four years. Although each trip is similar in design, I continue to be amazed at how our Father takes our preparations and orchestrates something new and unique each time showing us the work of His hand through His Holy Spirit. As this trip concludes there are unexpected images of Daniel, Bernard, Jacob, Raphael, and Goodness. Meeting and praying with these Basotho people were not on any itinerary. They were gifts given by our heavenly Father. As I leave these snapshots are a representation of the poor, the broken, the jobless and the sick of Lesotho. My heart is full as I once again process my life, my repeated prayers and the questions that exist from the deeper knowledge of the injustice and brokenness I have obtained.

For the past 34 years I have been a math teacher and coach. It is a profession I have poured myself into over the years and has filled my life with joy and satisfaction. However, over the years our Father has been instilling in me a greater passion for experiencing and working in His kingdom in a different capacity.

This journey is too full of divine appointments, orchestrated events, and provisions from our Father to mention in this blog. However, I came across this journal entry I wrote after playing with the children at Beautiful Gate. I believe it gives a glimpse of the work God has done to lead me to join Oceans Ministries:

“Father bring me to the place in my life where I run to you and seek you more and more.  I am tired of valuing other things more than you.  I want to get to the place where anything I have isn’t worth holding onto when I know you are here and want me to do something with you.  I keep thinking of the children I play with saying to me, “again, again”!  I get tired of doing the same thing, but they just love being with me and experiencing the rush of the power I have to throw them in the air or push them higher.  Abba Father, may I develop that characteristic with you.  I have seen your power, the way you orchestrate people and events to make incredible, beautiful things happen. I want to see it, and experience it again.  How can I change my life to be more and more a part of the God moments you want me to have?  Father, help me to trust you more, like they do me.”

That piece was written in 2015. Contemplation of leaving teaching was not what Dawn and I were remotely considering.  That was our security. However, as we continued to prayed and seek Him, He has called and pulled us further into the water, and given us a deeper level of trust in Him.

As I continue to work with Oceans Ministries God is opening new doors for discipleship with our partner organizations of Beautiful Gate, Bountiful Hope, the Christian Revival Church and the Semonkong care center in Lesotho. I am also excited to develop similar relationships in the United States as well, especially western Michigan.

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