The last night at Beautiful Gate, in Lesotho Africa, I handed each team member a package of seeds-there were sunflowers, zinnias and even corn and red peppers! From day one as a group we had been echoing the prayer of Jesus on the cross:

Father, I place my life in Your hands (Lk. 24:46 MSG).

After 10 days of praying this prayer the seeds were a tangible reminder to continue to allow the Father to plant His Kingdom seeds into each of our hearts as we returned to the familiarity of US soil. The challenge was to live our lives to bring Him honor and glory in whatever soil He brought us to.

The team had been exposed to powerful displays of His Kingdom as we cared for abandoned babies at Beautiful Gate, played soccer with high school students at a youth prison, ate pizza with high school orphans and teen moms from Bountiful Hope, were part of an impromptu prayer meeting with a group of young men looking for work, handed out talking Bibles in remote villages to whomever we felt God placed on our heart, danced and worshiped with a powerful freedom at the Christian Revival Church, and a whole lot more. The Holy Spirit used a variety of experiences to show us the Father’s Heart and organic Kingdom Discipleship.

After the seeds were handed out we ended our time spiritually eating and drinking the body and blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. Once again reminded at the LORD’s Table that abundant life begins with dying with Christ Jesus on the cross to our sinful selfish ways and placing our lives in the Father’s hands to be resurrected into the glorious image of His Son. The tears flowed freely as we released our lives and wills over to the Father. We wanted Him to be the one that planted our seeds in the places where He could raise us up for His glory. We desired the seeds to be planted in fertile soil where His Kingdom would break forth and His love could be displayed.

Seeds, such a small and yet powerful picture of what our Father can do with “faith like a mustard seed” placed in His hands. This picture was taken in Israel while walking through the Mount of Olives in the Garden of Gethsemane. The guide pulled down a pod from a mustard plant and placed the seeds in my hand. What a reminder of what our Father can do when we do just as Jesus did and surrender our lives over to the Father’s. When you and I “die to self” it means we are surrendering our will so that we can live and grow in His Kingdom.

Why not pick up a package of seeds place them in your Bible and let them be a reminder to keep praying the words of Jesus:

Father, I place my life in Your hands (Lk. 24:46 MSG).

And watch His Kingdom explode in and through you!



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  1. Pam Powell
    Pam Powell says:

    This is awesome. It may sound silly, but I feel the Lord leading me to give one of my neighbors some seeds (various kinds).. After reading this, I definitely feel like God is saying “do this”. Not sure why, but that’s not for me to worry about. To Him be the glory.
    Blessings to you all.

  2. Deb Van Heck
    Deb Van Heck says:

    Love this Pastor Tim!
    Thank you for this power message!
    My seeds will be bought and placed in my Bible for this beautiful reminder to surrender to self and allow God to use me in the smallest ways to further His kingdom!
    God Bless!


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