The Favor of the Father’s Face – Shine


“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you…”

Numbers 6:24-25

Brilliance! Is the word I would use to describe the reflection of the Colorado sun bouncing off the freshly fallen snow high in the Rocky Mountains. This blinding scene was recently shared this with a group of couples on a retreat. Together we discussed the Goodness of God as our Father as well as experiencing a spectacular visual while hiked through fluffy white snow, which spectacularly radiated heat from the sun. Our senses soaked in the Father’s creative glory as it shone on us.

How the heart of your Father wants to bless you and anoint you will the brilliance of His shining face of love that will transform every part of your being with His presence. The Father’s glorious face is seen best in Jesus, “The Son,” who is “the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being…” (Heb. 1:3). The Father sent His Son to shine on us with a love that forgives, heals, and brings us into His Heavenly presence and crowns us with authority as His very own sons and daughters.

Scripture also reveals that our Good Father & His Son have left with us the gift of the Holy Spirit, who is the very presence of God taking up residence in our hearts and shines forth His glory and love (John 14:15-21). Those who look to Jesus, who is the glorious face of God the Father, as their Savior and Lord, have been invaded by the blessed gift of the Father shining on them and in them through the Holy Spirit.

This weekend we had the chance to pray over a couple that are seeking direction from their Good Father for the future. As prayers ascended the face of the Father descended through His Spirit and as we finished you could tangibly see the brilliance of the Father’s face in the countenance of this couple. In fact someone later said to me, “Did you see her face shine after the prayer time?” Amazing and true!

My prayer for 2017 is for the blessing and favor of the Father to shine on His sons and daughters in such a brilliant way that they glow with the presence of the Father’s Glorious Face. Just think about the transforming power shining sons and daughters would have on broken families, churches, communities, and cities. When the Father’s face and favor fall on His children their will be a powerful attraction to His light as we reflect His glory as the new snow reflects the blazing sun.

So right now look to heaven and ask the Father to “Bless you” with a fresh revelation of His face through Jesus His Son and prepare your heart to Shine!


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