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As I was driving up into the mountains North of LA I thought I better give my wife a call before the Souly Business retreat. I’m glad I did because that would be the last time I would talk to her for 2 ½ days. If you want to test whether or not you are addicted to your phone or the media on it try giving it up for a few days. At the Souly Business men’s retreat one of the requirements presented right away was that cell phones were not be seen or heard. As this announcement was made you could sense the pain in the room. No sports updates from March Madness, no texting, emails, Facebook, Instagram, it was an unplugged weekend.

I don’t consider myself too attached to my phone and all the data on it but there was definitely some withdrawal issues going on, as an urge to check my messages was a tad overwhelming at times. Perhaps I’m more addicted than I thought. The goal of the weekend was to encounter the Father and His unfailing love. It is crazy how our culture works against that goal with multiple weapons aimed at distracting us from the most important relationship we could ever have.


Cultivating a relationship takes time and the leaders of Souly made sure that we had time to seek after the face of God. Saturday morning we were sent out to find a quiet place in the mountains and ask the Father two questions:

  1. What do you want me to know right now?
  2. Please show me how You care for me and show me how You love me?

After I found the right spot in the sun overlooking a beautiful valley of trees I began asking the Father these questions. It wasn’t long after that I knew He took over my thoughts, and my pen, and overwhelmed me with words of love and encouragement. There was no phone to contend with, no appointments to go to, just Abba, His beautiful creation and me. How He loves to show up when we take time to seek Him.

Reread 2 Chronicles 7:14 notice the place where the words “Seek My face” are:

If my people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face turn from their wicked way….

I see a powerful progression in this verse that prepares us for revival. It starts with humility that leads to prayer, a prayer that becomes passionate about encountering the Face of God. When we find His Face we will find a Father who loves us and desperately wants to help and heal us, which will propel us with the desire to “turn from our wicked ways.” 

Not just in my morning quiet time but throughout the day. To keep the radio off in the car and put social media aside so I can use that time to Find His Face. I challenge you to join me in this quest for seeking His Face and the gifts that come with it. Make time this week to turn off the phone, find a quiet place, and ask your Father the two questions above and wait for His answer. You won’t be disappointed with what He has to say!!!

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  1. Patty Spykstra
    Patty Spykstra says:

    This picture means so much to me! It was taken on my cell phone while I was driving on Inspiration Road on an cloudy Colorado day! I was longing for the sun, missing California, and praying for my friend Kathy as she battled breast cancer. AND then I glanced at the mountains and was amazed by the beauty I saw! It wasn’t until weeks later that I looked back at the pictures on my phone and there it was! Not just a brilliant cross but the FACE of Jesus in the clouds!


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