The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


I was looking out the window sipping my coffee at a Holiday Inn express in Sioux Center, Iowa on Sunday morning. My Bible was opened to Psalm 18 as I reflected on verse 30:

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.

As I ruminated over the text my thoughts drifted to my son’s college graduation the day before, the wonderful time of celebration, and the continuing of God’s plan for his life. But my heart was also heavy with thoughts of my father-in law Ray seating next to his dear wife Jan of 53 years in Western Michigan, as she struggled with the last moments of life. In both of these diverse circumstances there was a perfect plan that Abba Father would unfold. In the midst of these meditations my phone beeped and I realized I had missed a call. In my spirit I knew what was coming and as I listened to the tearful voicemail of my father-in-law state that the time had come for mom to pass on into eternity. Her fight with Alzheimer’s was over and now she was dancing on streets that were golden with her glorious Savior Jesus Christ.

As I shared the news with the rest of the family, with tears we reflected on how perfect it was in God’s plan to take mom on Mother’s Day. She loved being a mom, and made serving her family one of her top priorities. Now she was being honored as a great mom and daughter of the King of kings, with well done good and faithful servant enter into your eternal home!”

But not only did Jan receive the perfect Mother’s Day gift we did as well. In our 10 plus hour drive back to Colorado we were being reminded what really matters in this life. Yes graduations, degrees, and vocations have a place in life but to contemplate the eternal and what we all will one day face is of the utmost importance. As we drove Interstate 80 my eyes kept looking up at the sky and my thoughts lingered to what mom was experiencing in heaven, what her renewed mind was comprehending, how as one of our friends texted, “her faith has now become sight!”

Thomas a ‘Kempis, in his powerful devotional Imitation of Christ, declared that the children of God,

“Though they see the things that are present, they contemplate the things that are eternal. They look at the temporal things of earth with their left eye, and with their right eye they behold the eternal things of heaven.”

In the Father’s perfect plan He gave mom a perfect Mother’s Day gift and her family a perfect perspective on keeping our eyes fixed on eternity. Thank you Father!



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  1. Patty Spykstra
    Patty Spykstra says:

    Tim, thank you for honoring my mom, especially today, her birthday! She loved you dearly! Thoughts of heaven and eternity spent with the Creator and so many loved ones gets all the sweeter as each day passes.

  2. Ray Haakonsen
    Ray Haakonsen says:

    Once again…beautifully written my brother from another mother! As I read your blog I was reminded of the passing of my own Mom 22 years ago on New Years day 1995. She too was ready to meet her ABBA Father and had been asked to tone down her choruses by the Nurse as My Mom prepared to meet Him the night before she passed :-). I know she too is dancing on the streets of Gold with your dear Mom in law, free of her pain and sorrows.

    It also brought perspective to my own season of challenges and the fact they are not for long and that this is not our Home. I love the song called ‘Homesick’ by Mercy Me as it reminds us of that day. These times are all preparation for that wonderful day.

    My thoughts are with Patty and Ray and your whole family as you grieve…but also as you celebrate her graduation to His presence. Bless you dear family…I love you all dearly!!

    Your African brother


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