Finding Your Song – Spiritual Battles

How is one’s life song composed? What events in life comprise the lyrics you are singing at this time?  For me the “notes” that have written my song were forged through countless spiritual battles. Battles where I experienced painful defeats and yet by grace battles I have somehow overcome.

Reflecting over David’s prolific history, I’d say his life could be summed up as a numerous notes filled with countless physical and spiritual battles in major and minor keys.  As a teen, young David is anointed from obscurity to be the next King of Israel.  After that he is called into the king’s court to play “praise music” because an evil spirit tormented Saul.  Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of pressure to put on young David-to fight evil with a harp and a song!

Next, David replaced his harp for a sling and killed Goliath-leading to a rousing victory over the Philistines and a beloved hero by the people.  Soon his success soured Saul and the evil eye of envy sent David fleeing for his life for the next several years.  Our Bible would be thinner had David not gone through the spiritual battles he did.  A huge chunk of the Psalms David sang were birthed in battles. 

As you reflect back on your own spiritual and physical battles, can you recognize how your Father used various situations to form your song? As much as I dislike pain and hardship for me or anyone else; I also know that pain and hardship have been one of my greatest teachers. An article describing Snowplow Parentsstated that today many parents act as snowplows for their kids, doing everything in their power to remove any obstacles that may stand in the way of their success. I wonder what kind of song the next generation will sing?

David’s life song is a series of physical and spiritual battles that forged his life. These battles taught him a most important truth in life- to TRUST in a TRUSTWORTHY FATHER GOD.

Almost every Psalm written by David express his trust in, as the Hebrew word expresses, the heced of God – God’s forever loving kindness!  This is beautifully illustrated in the most famous of all Psalms, Psalm 23.

I estimate David waited almost 20 years before the promise prophesied over him to become king came to be.  During those years on the run he learned to surrender both his “spirit” and his “time” into the hands of the LORD (Psalm 31:5,15).  Genealogies reveal that eventually Jesus showed up and HE is an example of true surrender on an ugly cross. Our Savior Jesus displayed ultimate trust in His Father in Heaven to raise Him up from the grave and make Him King of kings and LORD of lords. His song is transforming every square inch of the universe.

David, and later Jesus, showed us that there is a Father in Heaven who can be trusted even in the severest of battles you and I may face. Your song is written in the wilderness as you learn to trust in the forever loving kindness of your Father who will never let anyone snatch you or me out of His Sovereign hand (John 10:29).

Maybe you are facing a spiritual battle at the moment. I pray the Spirit will comfort you with the truth of a trustworthy Father who is writing a song of victory that will one day shout out to the world for His glory and your good!

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    Thank you for the reminder of Who writes our life song!
    Yes many notes have made my life song. Some flat, some sharp, but just in the right order designed by my Heavenly Father to make a song which prayerfully will continue to glorify Him!!


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