Full Circle – Oceans Welcomes Ray & Sue Haakonsen

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

These words from Habakkuk 2:14 resonated within my heart. While pastoring in California I would often schedule a day to spend praying on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  As I meditated on this passage and listened to the rhythmic crashing of the waves I scribbled in my journal……one day I would be part of a ministry called Oceans and that ministry would share the love of God the Father all over the world.  That was 17 years ago in 2002.

Soon after that my stepfather Bill and I were in Lesotho Africa. What can only be described as a Divine Appointment connected us with Ray and Sue Haakonsen. Ray and Sue were just starting a care-center for abandoned babies-that care-center would later be called Beautiful Gate.

The Haakonsen’s displayed the Kingdom of God in a tangible way by demonstrating the heart of the Father by caring for abandoned babies. The tremendous faith of this couple would teach many of us in the States and through out the world what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Their faith journey would be an instrument to bring spiritual transformation to churches, schools, and countless individuals who would be forever ruined by their encounter with God at Beautiful Gate.

Seven years ago God called Ray and Sue out of Beautiful Gate and Bryan and Anita Geurink and their family faithfully carried on their heart’s mission. This season of rest in Cape Town South Africa has been one of healing and waiting upon the Lord. It has enabled Sue to focus on spending quality time with their adopted teenage daughters and Ray the opportunity to share with others his knowledge about this beautiful county as a tour guide among other things.

A year ago, January 2018, during an Oceans Leadership Event at Beautiful Gate Ray and Sue joined our group and blessed us with powerful teaching and prophetic words. Their gifts for ministry were evident to all.  The Spirit was definitely leading and preparing them for a new season.

This January 2019, Mike and I were in Cape Town preparing for a team opportunity. We were both overwhelmed by the desperate needs in the local townships.  As I lay in bed one night, the Spirit once again stirred within my heart. This time I was a few miles from where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans collide. This time I felt God say this too is where I want you to “Bring the love of the Father to spiritual and physical orphans and call them home to me!”

The next day we spent some time with Ray talking about ministry-and I was prompted to ask if he would ever consider joining Oceans Ministries.  After a few weeks of prayer by Ray and Sue and the Oceans Board a consensus was determined.  Across oceans and continents each of us was filled with an amazing peace and prompting that God was birthing this step of faith.

The Oceans Board is overjoyed to share with you that Ray and Sue Haakonsen will join the Oceans’ family in using their gifts to make the Father known in dark and difficult places in Southern Africa and Lesotho.

Our God is truly the God who brings things full circle. We ask you to join us in praying for Ray, Sue, and their family.  May our Good Father bring about divine appointments, grant the Spirit’s power, and provide heaven’s provision as we seek God’s direction to bring the Father glory in dark places.

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  1. Ray
    Ray says:

    So so blessed at the awesomeness of our God!!Thank you Father and Tim and board 🙏

    We are so excited at what He has before us and who He wants us to reach through His Spirit 👏

    He never lets go 🙏

  2. Lindi
    Lindi says:

    Full Circle indeed… I am so excited about these news. To have Ray and Sue taking up this role is truly God ordained. We are praying for you guys as together with Oceans you seek to walk in His calling and vision. And the cherry on top is we get to work with you again…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

  3. Sheryl Baldwin
    Sheryl Baldwin says:

    Oceans is truly blessed to have Ray and Sue on board. A couple that has changed so many lives and a couple that so many people can learn from their example.


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