He Sees You

Recently I was introduced to an outreach group called Ezra. This team of believers walks the streets of downtown Denver and hopes to know those in the homeless community by name.  Ezra is a ministry of presence and desires to make those on the street know that they are seen and loved by God. But isn’t this true for each of us as well. Whether we live on the streets or in suburbia don’t we have the desire in our hearts to be seen. A longing to be known at the core of our being and be loved! 

Ezra’s vision aligns beautifully with the Father’s Heart and is the essence of the Gospel.  The Father sent His only Son to seek out the lost, wandering, and exiled sheep in the darkest places and to tell them they are SEEN and KNOWN by the Father (see Ezk. 34:5-6).

The false shepherd offers an array of empty promises that lead to barren streets and dead ends.  Yet, in the midst of the deceit-the Father offers words of life, words of truth through His Son-calling us to return home.  What a comfort to live in the truth-to realize that we have been KNOWN by the Father before the creation of time (Eph. 1:4). What gift to grasp that He SEES us and KNOWS us by NAME.  You and I are cherished in His eyes and He promises to satisfy the deepest longings in our souls.  

Are you feeling alone today, forgotten and as if no one really knows you or can understands the loneliness that is digging a deep hole in your heart? When you feel that you can’t climb out, remember the Gospel message. The Father loves you so much that He sent His only Son to tell you He SEES you! He cares so much that He wants you “off the streets.”  He calls you to follow His son Jesus into His loving presence now and for all eternity (John 3:16).

Remember He searches for you at your job, in your studies, in your loneliness.

You ARE seen!

You ARE loved!

You ARE known!

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