Guest Post – Trust in the Father

Tim with the team from Holland Christian Schools

Once again, board member Danell Czarnecki will be guest-blogging while I’m in Lesotho.

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Trust in the Father

In a few weeks I will have the amazing gift of holding my first grandchild. As I wait for that day, I pray when I take her in my arms she will know love as she rests between my shoulders and that she can trust I will always do my best to do what is right for her. But no matter how hard I try, I will never love her or be as trustworthy as the One who loves her more and in His graciousness chose to bless us with the gift of her.

At the beginning of each new year I ask God to give me a word to speak to me throughout the coming year, my “go to” word if you will. In 2014 my word was “release.” This year, for 2015, my word is “trust.”

I am in awe of how our Father speaks even when we aren’t always listening; and how He uses the things in our lives to point us towards Him. 2014 brought about many things in both my personal and ministry life I needed to release, and by releasing I have needed to press into trusting Him for the “holes” left in the releasing. He continues to teach me that to trust Him is to believe with conviction that He wants the best for me and for me to grow and experience fullness of life; and to trust He is sufficient to fill the holes.

In one of the last sermons I heard Pastor Tim preach he asked if anyone had ever heard of a church with the word “trust” in its name. Can’t say I have, there are many churches with words like grace, love, faith, Calvary, fellowship, community, and the list goes on. But none with the word trust.

If we believe in God for who we say He is; if we believe the Bible as truth; and if we believe that someone who said he would die and rise again did indeed do that very thing; and if we believe God sent the crucified and risen One for us because of His love (John 3:16); why do we find it so hard to trust? I once read a quote from the founder of Overseas Missionary Fellowship, he said, “There is a living God, He has spoken in the Bible. He means what He says and will do all He has promised.” So I release, wait, trust, and my faith in the One who loved me more than life itself grows.

Trust was such an important word in the OT, it took 7 different Hebrew forms of the word to capture the intensity of its meaning. Each of the 7 words define different ways we can trust our Heavenly Father; much like a baby trusts in their parents to provide a safe refuge, to be secure in their love, to be nurtured and believed in, to wait upon with hope, and to look to for protection and provision. All 7 of these Hebrew words for trust in the OT translate into the Greek word used for faith in the NT.

When we put our faith in Jesus, when we truly trust in the Father, we can rest between His shoulders. We can be confident His arms will provide shelter, we can know He will nurture and build us up. We can be as certain He will do whatever it takes as we are certain in the crucifixion and resurrection. And even though we sometimes groan like we are in labor, we wait and trust in Him to bring about something new in our lives.

My granddaughter’s faith and trust in the safety and love of my arms will forever be a gift to me. Trust is our gift back to God, and He finds it such a beautiful gift that He sent His Son to die for it.

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