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The Character of Abba Father’s Heart – Empowered to Serve

A special thank you to Danell for writing such inspiring blogs while I was in Africa.

Each time I walk on African soil I am in awe of how God empowers his children to serve in ways that bring Heaven to earth. Lesotho Africa is one of the poorest countries on earth and has the second highest HIV rate in the world. Yet the Father’s love continues to overcome the darkness and bring light through ordinary people full of God’s Spirit. Let me share a couple of stories that highlight this.

Our team stayed at Beautiful Gate Care Center, a refuge for abandoned babies. While we were there a 1-month-old baby girl arrived, she was found at a nearby dam. This tiny malnourished child was quickly enveloped in love by staff and volunteers a like. She went from orphan into a family of care workers that treated her as a child of the King, with the hope that she will one day be adopted.

One of our days was spent at the Good Shepherd Center. This is a place that cares for unwed mothers and their babies. Many of these teen mom’s have been raped and are ostracized from their community and literally have no place to go. I watched as 13 teen-age girls from Holland Christian High School, led by their teacher Mike Verkaik, showed Christ’s love in amazing ways. It was a day of singing, sharing testimonies, holding babies, laughing, dancing, and crying together. One of the nuns who work at Good Shepherd said, “There is something special about these Holland Christian girls.”

This was a particularly memorable trip for me as this was the first time my wife Patty was able to travel to this country that I love so much. I was so blessed as I watched her minister to a pastor’s wife of a local church where I preached. Patty was able to listen, love, and give words of encouragement to a beautiful woman who has suffered much because of the battle wounds of being a pastor’s wife. We were asked to pray over the pastoral staff and their wives, it was a powerful time as the nearness of God’s healing presence was evident.

One chilly night – yes it gets cold in Africa, and our lodging had no heat! – any way, during our evening “family time” I was recapping the events of the day and all that we were experiencing in Lesotho. It struck me how the Father takes our “YES” to be His servant and how He uses it to unleash His glory through us, as He did through Mary mother of Jesus (Luke 1:38). This “YES” to serve others will bring in His Kingdom in powerful ways, this is the church of Jesus Christ at it’s best. Truly, this team, at this moment, was at Beautiful Gate because Ray and Sue Haakenson, co-founders of Beautiful Gate, said YES to care for 7 abandoned babies in 2002. They had no idea that their “YES” would impact 13 high school girls in 2015. And I guarantee that their “YES” will impact countless others for the Father’s glory!

Your Father is waiting to empower you to serve in His Kingdom……. all He needs is your YES!!!

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  1. Ray
    Ray says:

    What a joy and privilege to see you Tum, ‘my brother from another mother’, in Lesotho where our journey of brotherhood began in 2004. So blessed to share this time with you, Patty, the Verkaik family and girls from Holland Christian

    Thank you for your hunger for the heart of Abba Father and His Kingdom and for saying ‘Yes’ to Him.

    YOUR yes as well as your family’s has impacted hundreds of lives for His Kingdom and glory.

    May God use you and Oceans to expand His kingdom for eternity.

    Love ya.

  2. Julie Geertsma
    Julie Geertsma says:

    No more exciting word exists then the simple word YES when you are saying it to Abba. He is showing Himself strong in many ways. Bless you, Tim, for saying yes and launching Oceans. One of the manifestations of Kingdom on earth.


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