An Open Door – The Divine Adventure


Last week Tuesday my friend Steve emailed me about a radio interview he heard with John Ortberg, a pastor who authored the book, All The Places To Go How Will You Know? God has placed before you an open door. What will you do? This was quite astounding as I had just posted a blog that morning on “An Open Door” from Revelation 3:8. Even more interesting is that Steve and another friend Mike had flights to Colorado arriving on Friday to help in the discernment process concerning a possible ministry door. The question before us, “Was God calling us to walk through this door?”

Steve found the book and bought 3 copies out with him for us to read as we seek, discern and pray about this possible ministry door and God’s will. We all dove into the book and had some fantastic discussions. It is a worthwhile read, especially if you are sensing that God may be calling you to walk through another door. Here are few words from the back of the book:

God places lots of open doors in front of us every day. For those who recognize them and choose to walk through, life becomes a divine adventure. And those who don’t well…not only are they missing out on a lot of incredible adventures and experiences, they’re missing out on all the amazing work God wants to do through them! 

As I have been pondering some apparent open doors, not wanting to miss “a divine adventure,” yet still faced with some fears, I again pondered Revelations 3, especially verse 7:

“These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the keys of David. What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open.”

Jesus holds the keys to all the doors because He is the true King, the one king David pointed to. The one who opens the door into the presence of God the Father and His Kingdom through His life, death, and resurrection. Jesus is the one always calling out to follow after a divine kingdom adventure. I think of Peter and the other disciples struggling to stay afloat in a violent storm and Jesus appears even walking on water. But Jesus does more than that He calls out for them to “take courage it is I don’t be afraid,” and tells Peter to come, an open door to do the impossible. And Peter accepts the invitation and walks forward and walks on water. Talk about a “divine adventure.” All was good until his eyes looked away from His King and focused on the impossible life-threating storm it was then that fear griped him.

However as Peter began to sink like a rock, the King immediately rescued him in his arms and said, “You of little faith…why did you doubt.” Walking through the door into a divine adventure is always risky and uncertain, sort of like walking on water. But the key is to keep our eyes on the King who holds the keys to the Kingdom.

I praise God for some great friends this past weekend that reminded me to keep looking at the King who always waits for me on the other side of the door he has opened.

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    ” Always chose KINGDOM influence over worldly success.” This was the message at my college chapel today! I am reminded to chose the divine adventure with out King, and not to look back. The cross is always before us, the world behind us, no turning back!


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