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An Interview with Ray Haakonsen

I had the blessing of interviewing Ray Haakonsen.

Ray and Sue Haakonsen pictured at Beautiful Gate, Lesotho, in 2010.

Ray and Sue Haakonsen pictured at Beautiful Gate, Lesotho, in 2010.

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  1. Nona Jorritsma
    Nona Jorritsma says:

    It was so good to hear your voice again, Ray and your laugh always makes me laugh! I’m thrilled to hear you have a new adventure ahead of you and I know God is going to use you in an incredible way.
    Blessings to you and Sue
    Nona Jorritsma

  2. Lorena Trujillo
    Lorena Trujillo says:

    Hey Pastor Tim!

    I’ve followed Oceans Ministries and have been blessed so many times by the messages. I clicked on the Podcast out of curiosity not planning to listen to the full interview. Well, not only did I listened to the whole thing but now I regret that I did not go to Beautiful Gate to serve at Beautiful Gate and get to know Ray and Sue.

    I’m looking forward to the next Podcast. It is wonderful when are able to discern that God has closed a door so He can open another one.

    Blessings to the Haakonsens and to you and your family.

    I’m looking forward to listen to the podcasts. After listening to Ray I wish I could have met him in person.

  3. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    A wonderful message of how God intervenes and breaks forth in our life and changes everything! Thank you Tim for reaching across the Oceans and bringing to us Ray’s testimony of a beautiful love story and the fruit of such love and faith!


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