Reminders from the River – Living Low

As Patty and I were sitting by the river-our sanctuary for a while in a busy season. I thought about the path of the river, where it would end. I let my imagination wander as I thought to myself, “certainly never seen a river run UP a mountain.” From highest 14,000 feet peaks, the snow makes its way into the river we were enjoying and this small river would converge with others, ultimately contributing to the mighty Colorado River. The Colorado River flows down a 1000 plus miles and empties into the expansive Pacific Ocean all the way down to sea level. From the snow melt high above the mountain, the rushing water breaks forth into a series of streams or rivers, and each tributary, pulled down by gravity, finds the lowest point.

As I pondered the path of the river, the Spirit prompted my thoughts back to the presence of the Father, and what allows us to enter into His presence. Then it all came together. God’s glory resides in the highest heavens, and He is continually looking for a humble heart to flow down into.

“The high and lofty One who inhabits eternity, the Holy One says this: ‘I live in that high and holy place with those whose spirits are contrite and humble. I refresh the humble and give new courage to those with repentant hearts.” ( Isaiah 57:15).

Not only is this text in Isaiah talk about a contrite and humble heart, but Jesus also lives out a perfect visual of this text. Remember when JesusHe was baptized in the Jordan River? He identified with every sinner on earth. Did you ever think about where that water originated? The water which flowed from snow-capped Mount Hermon, 10,000 feet above, was the same water Jesus’ was baptized in by his cousin John. Jesus’ baptism symbolized the cleansing of a repentant heart, even though Jesus was pure and with out sin this act of lowering Himself below the water prepared Him for the refreshing of the Spirit of Heaven. Snow originating from the highest mountain flows into the Jordan River and when Jesus emerged from the water His Heavenly Father said, “this is my boy, I love Him and I’m so proud of Him!” (Mt. 3:16,17).

From the river’s pathway and the scripture references one can’t help but draw the conclusion that the Father’s heart is drawn to the broken, the weak, to repentant sinners , to those who humble their hearts and cry out for help from Heaven. The Spirit of the Father seeks to uphold the weak, the wounded, those who have wandered in the wilderness, those searching for the solace of the Savior. How can we forget the life of Moses, David, Esther, Isaiah, Mary, Peter and so many others. Each one learned to live low, have a humble heart and allow the streams of living water to fill them for the task set before them.

As Patty and I prayed by the river we asked for a fresh touch from heaven. In our weakness, sinfulness, and brokenness we are in desperate need of “refreshment” and “new courage” for the journey ahead. The river is a constant reminder for us to live low, to live in daily dependance on the Father, and that we need the Spirit of His Son to flow His love into parched lives.

Take heart if you are weak, wounded, or struggling in a barren wilderness. Rest assured that your soul is being prepared for the River to flow over you from Heavens on high. Follow Jesus. Step in. Wait for the refreshing words of your Father declaring His empowering love over you. You are His beloved daughter. You are His beloved son.

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