Reminders from the River – The Voice

Creation. God’s gift to us. Creation invites us to hear the Father’s Voice and bring solace to the soul. I welcome moments by the ocean, listening to the pattern of the rolling waves crashing on to the sandy shore. I also cherish time spent at the river, taking in the rhythm of the rocky mountain melting snow, now rushing down its designated path. A few weeks ago Patty and I took a few days for some needed rest. After a short walk, we sat on a log and allowed the consuming voice of the river to minister to us.

Even though the well traveled I-70 freeway was less than a mile away and the bustling mountain town of Vail a short walk down stream, all we could hear was the roar of water cascading over well worn rocks. The river, the wild flowers, and the pine trees become a safe sanctuary for us to be still before our Creator and let Him speak to our scattered souls.

Preparing for two weddings, making plans for a move to South Africa, and throwing in surgery for a torn bicep left our minds rushing a thousand different ways. Our enemy specializes in the art of distractions and works tirelessly to prevent us from hearing the One Voice that matters. As Patty and I spent some much needed time in prayer, I heard the gentle voice of the Spirit say, “As the river blocks out all the noise of the busy world around you, let your Father’s voice be the only one you listen to.” Our senses absorbed the sights and sounds, as we took a deep breath and surrendered our fears, frustrations, failures, and the future to the Lord. His voice spoke through the river to bring a stream of shalom from Heaven.

On the river’s edge we had our own personal church service. Together we reflected on a book we had read many times called “Victory over Darkness,” by Neil Anderson. I recently picked it up again to re-read as the voices I was hearing were not from my Father, but the father of lies. In one portion of the book the author has you work through a list of truths from Scripture to remind who you are in Christ. These truths boldly declare that in Christ, the gift of the Father, you are Accepted as His beloved child (John 1:12), Secure through His forever love (Rom. 8:35-39) and Significant because Christ lives in you (Gal. 2:20). If you don’t have this book I strongly suggest ordering it and have it ready when the lies hit.

In creation, sitting alongside the river we were reminded how powerful the Voice of the Father is. Reminded that when He speaks and we quiet our souls to listen, the noise and lies around us begin to fade and His peace, like a river attends to our needy souls. September tends to be a hectic season for many, I encourage you to find your “river” and hear the Voice of your Father!

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