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Shouting Shoes – Journey Deeper

I’m going to shout about that…!” Received this quote from an email yesterday. This person is facing some spiritual Jericho’s and decided to put on their “shouting shoes” and praise God for His past faithfulness as well as the victories to come. Yes!!! This is where the journey of faith should lead us. Put on your “shouting shoes” and declare the praises of our Father God and all the victories that belong to us in His Jesus.

What is the Jericho you are facing today? Family problems, a difficult person at work, uncertainty about the future, health issues, an addiction, intense spiritual warfare, etc?

Try this, shout out the name of Jesus as loud as you can. Now, this works fine when you are home alone or driving by yourself, but if the shouting could cause someone to have a heart attack you may need to shout in your soul. It really doesn’t matter where or how you shout, but do take a moment to declare Jesus as the crucified, risen, reigning King of kings who has defeated the grave, sin, and our enemy Satan.

When you shout His praise or sing it around your Jericho, you put on the Gospel shoes and cause the gates of hell to crumble and your enemy to flee in fear of the great name of Jesus. Read Matthew 16: 16-18. His Kingdom grows in you and around you as you continuously shout out His praise in faith. Psalm 22:3 says, “God is enthroned (or inhabits) the praises (shouts) of His people.” God the Father will move in your heart and mind to break through strongholds as you shout His praise.

So on the count of 3 shout the name of Jesus, declaring His victory over your situation  1,2, 3 ………………! Remember how importance it is to share God’s victories in your life with others, just like the email encouraged me in my faith!

New Blog Series:

Next week Tuesday a new blogs series The Character of Abba Father’s HEART will begin. I am excited to share this with you as this is at the heart of vision of Oceans Ministries. So appreciate your prayers for Oceans Ministries as God continues to open doors to make His Great Name known around the world.


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  1. Michele Bennett
    Michele Bennett says:

    The last year or so my kids and I have been dealing with more colds, flu, chronic cough, etc than what is normal for us. While these are not major illnesses, they have been physically draining on and discouraging for all of us. As a result we have all felt some dryness in our walk with the Lord. Not less in love with the Lover of our soul but sensing that something is different. This week I realized that we have been under attack spiritually. Satan had tried many of his tricks on us and we have stood firm in who we are, children of the King. Colds and flus have a way of draining us of energy, they sap our strength.

    Through this Our Abba has never stopped wooing us, never stopped being faithful, it has just been harder to stay in His presence. We continue to give Him all the praise and glory but maybe it has not been as loud. Lord Jesus, forgive me.
    Ps 95 Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
    Ps 98 Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music;
    Ps 100 Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
    Is 52 Listen! Your watchmen lift up their voices; together they shout for joy.
    Over and over again The Word states that we are to SHOUT our praise to The King. Not quietly walk around and oh by the way this is what God has done for me but to stand up and SHOUT to the world.

    An idea just struck me – the world is a very noisy place. It is hard to be heard with all the commotion and busyness that goes on. Could that be why we are told to SHOUT? So that we can be heard? We are the light that He has placed on this earth. We are to point to the hope of Jesus and share what He has done for us to a lost and hurting world. He is alive in us and because of that we are given all that we need to proclaim Him and His glory. Step in, open our mouths and see the great and wonderous things that HE will do through us. Over and over again I am amazed by what happens when I do exactly that.

    • Tim Spykstra
      Tim Spykstra says:

      Great words Michele,
      Yes the world is a noisy place trying to keep us for hearing the greatest message of God’s love through the gift of His Son Jesus. So keep shouting it loud through your life and may you even get louder in the days to come!


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