The Character of Abba Father’s Heart – Stories of His Faithfulness

You and I were created to share the stories of our Father’s Faithfulness. A few weeks ago my sister and her husband invited over family and friends to celebrate the graduation of a young lady named Martha Kibozi. Martha had recently graduated from high school and was ready to head off to college, but what made this party extra ordinary is the fact that the Kibozi family, nine in all, should not even be alive.

After a great dinner we gathered in the living room and sang beautiful songs of worship led by Gilbert, the father of the Kibozi clan. After our time of praise Gilbert was asked to share his story of how he got to America. For the next hour we were overwhelmed by the testimony Gilbert shared of how he and his young family were forced to flee their village as civil war broke out in the Congo.

For a year Gilbert, his wife Ohga and their new baby Martha lived in the jungle hiding from ruthless soldiers seeking to kill them. They survived on insects, snakes and plants to keep them alive. As Gilbert continued to share how God miraculously saved them and opened a door for them to come to the United States, his face was radiant with a joy that is not from this world. Right before the eyes of everyone in that room was a living testimony of a faithful God who rescued this family and blessed them beyond words. Martha, who should have died in the jungle, graduated with top honors from her high school and is set to attend a state university.

That night we experienced “church” as the Father’s Spirit grabbed the heart of everyone in the room through as a story the Father’s Faithfulness was on display for all to see. Our family returned home that night filled up with fresh faith to trust in our faithful Father.

The Bible is one big story of God’s faithfulness to His children. As you and I step out in faith and allow the Father to do miracles in our lives we will become a living testimony of His faithfulness. Our stories will bring light, hope, and joy to a world in desperate need of an encounter with Jesus Christ and His Father who loves this hurting world so much.

Make Psalm 89:1-2 your never ending anthem to your Father’s glorious faithfulness in your life:

“I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself.”


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  1. Michele Bennett
    Michele Bennett says:

    This was an amazing evening! We still talk about it. Everything from the family, food, fellowship, story telling, worship, celebrations, to more food, the gracious hospitality that was extended and more. Love flowed and filled your sister’s home and everyone in it. The presence of our Abba was evident in every breath, tear, song, hug, laugh and word. This moving and powerful story was shared with everyone, however during the whole evening, between the shifting groups of people, smaller parts of stories were being shared of our Abba’s faithfulness in every life that was there. We are so thankful to have been allowed to experience this gathering. That day was definitely one of the highlights of our vacation.
    This is how Church should be.


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