The Gift of the Father – Heaven’s Holiness

Sin is Not In in our politically correct culture. Even the mention of the “S” word causes an upheaval in today’s society and sends people running to the source of who or what had such an absurd idea. After all how could anything be wrong with me or my kids or grandkids? In all honesty somehow we have redefined sins found in the Scripture to fit our lifestyle calling what the Bible states as wrong now right. The result of this dark influence is that we are find ourselves increasingly in bondage to these sins and left spiritually dead, exactly the scheme of satan, the father of lies.

Yet when Heaven invades earth and the Holy Spirit is poured out on the Father’s children, sin and its ugly lies are exposed. There have been precious times in my life when the Father was gracious to me and sent His Holy presence into my situation which caused me to drop to my knees revealing the depths of my sin and spiritual deception. But the amazing thing about the gift of the Father is how His Spirit will not leave us naked in our sin. He brings us back to His Son Jesus. He wraps us in new garments of love and forgiveness as we place our sin and its power over us at the foot of the cross.

A taste of the Holy makes sin taste like sour grapes and brings a renewed passion to live as temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19). As Heaven’s Holiness begins to push sin out of our hearts more room is made for Christ to dwell and have dominion over us. This leads us into a powerful freedom to live as we were created to, as children of the King full of Heaven’s Joy (I Peter 1:8).

Nothing is new under the sun. History has recorded over and over again that even God’s children get sucked into the vortex of the dark culture of sin. But in the midst of that darkness the Spirit prompts His children to pray for a new outpouring of Heaven to invade earth. And when the Father unleashes Heaven’s Holiness among His children a spirit of Repentance breaks forth. Believers turn away from away from the lies and deception of sin and turn back to the light of His loving forgiveness and amazing grace.

I’m always convicted by the text in 1 Peter 4:17 “judgment to begin in God’s household.” In this moment where Sin seems to be ruling over even the children of God, we need to search deep within our hearts and ask the Father to visit us with a fresh and great outpouring of the Holiness of Heaven. So we can return to living as free children who dance with joy in the presence of our loving Father

Join me in crying out to the Father for a new outpouring of Heaven to invade our hearts and Christ’s Bride, the church, with a new visitation of Holiness.

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