The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Party!

Oceans Ministries hosting a Christmas Party for Hebron Partners, who minister in a township in South Africa.

‘Tis the season for parties! We see in the Gospels that Jesus loved to attend dinner parties, weddings and festivals. He loved parties because He loved people and wanted them to taste what His Kingdom of grace and love!

A birthday party for one of our friends living on Colfax in Aurora, Colorado.

In one of Jesus’ parables He tells of a man throwing a big party and sending out invitations far and wide. But as the rsvp’s came back, everyone was too busy to attend. So the man invited “the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind,” to come and enjoy this incredible free feast at the host’s own expense (Luke 14:15-24). We are the people who are in need of this amazing gift!

Barbecue at the Wooden Shoe Motel Zeeland, Michigan

2000 years ago our Good Father sent out the most glorious invitation the world would ever receive through His only Son. His humble birth, His holy life, His horrific death, and the healing power of His resurrection invites us into a forever Kingdom party. All we need to do is say “YES” to the invitation from the Father and let the precious gift of HIs Son Jesus lead us into the Kingdom celebration. This party will flood your soul with unspeakable joy, a peace that passes all understanding, a love that knows no limit, and a passion to both worship and witness His glory!

Oceans Retreat Center, Fish Hoek, South Africa.

Merry Christmas from Oceans Ministries! May you enjoy the Kingdom party, not only during this Christmas season but all year long!!!!

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